Andrew Kowalczyk

Mr Kowalczyk has been in the securities industry for over thirty years. His primary focus has been Mortgage Backed securities sales and trading. He was a co-founder of Descap Securities in 1991 and subsequently worked for Bear Stears and UBS before starting AK Capital 1998. He is actively involved in all the firms sales and trading activities. The firm has been involved in a number of charititable causes such as The Wounded Warrior Project, Wings Over Wall Street, and the Alonzo Mourning Family Foundation.

Andrew built the company with a focus on first class service and providing liquidity to clients. He is also proud of fighting hard to prevent FNMA from calling High Coupon securities which would have resulted in massive losses for investors. Andrew helped develop markets for FNMA/GNMA and WAC structures which proved to be greatly beneficial to clients as well.  

On the private placement side he was instrumental in the development of the zebra structure which used a twenty year strip wrapped with sub investment grade MBS resulted in outstanding gains for the many lucky institutions that participated.

 He is  most proud that over a twenty period the firm under his watch has not had a customer complaint that resulted in a negative mark from the regulators.

Andrew has extensively studied cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies, social impact, and opportunity zones and is excited at the prospect of delivering value to investors in these new asset classes.